Board Members

It is and honor and my joy to serve as the Community Spiritual Director for Southern California Walk to Emmaus. When I walked (as a layperson) many years ago, on E-88, I had no idea that the Lord would bring me to this point… He is, indeed, able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!


Pastor Michele Ehrenberg - Community Spiritual Director

“Life changing!” Is that too tired a phrase to use? I hope not, because that is what my Emmaus Walk has been to me.

The purpose of Emmaus is to strengthen leaders in the local church. That is done by first renewing your relationship with the Risen Christ. In my case, I was already an active church member, but my Walk moved my understanding of God from my head to my heart. (more…)

Jim Limpp - Communications Coordinator

I am humbled to have been chosen as this community’s next Community Lay Director.  And although there is something inside in me saying, “I am not worthy”, mixed with a bit of self doubt about being God’s spokesperson- I do know that God can accomplish great things through simple ordinary people.


Jim Baker - Community Lay Director

My “walk” began several months into my first church plant in 1987. A friend and member who had recently completed his walk began to pester me and wanted to sponsor me to attend a SoCal men’s weekend. I put him off repeatedly until I finally gave in to just get him to leave me alone. When asked if I wanted to walk as a pastor or layman, I said “laymen” because I liked the idea of being just one of the guys.


Pastor Michael Maynard - Board Spiritual Director