Board Members

I am humbled to have been chosen as this community’s next Community Lay Director.  And although there is something inside in me saying, “I am not worthy”, mixed with a bit of self doubt about being God’s spokesperson- I do know that God can accomplish great things through simple ordinary people.


Jim Baker - Community Lay Director

I walked So Cal Emmaus as a Pilgrim in October 2005. It was a major transformation in my walk with Jesus. To be loved on and served for 72 hours straight was overwhelming. My Best Friend told me, “don’t think, just walk”, so that is what I did.

This ministry has been an integral part of my Christian growth.


Pam Waddingham

My “walk” began several months into my first church plant in 1987. A friend and member who had recently completed his walk began to pester me and wanted to sponsor me to attend a SoCal men’s weekend. I put him off repeatedly until I finally gave in to just get him to leave me alone. When asked if I wanted to walk as a pastor or layman, I said “laymen” because I liked the idea of being just one of the guys.


Pastor Michael Maynard - Board Spiritual Director

I am truly blessed to serve as the Community Music Director. I walked E-139, a little more than 10 years ago. I sat in the talk room watching, listening, worshipping and thinking… I can do that! So I bought the Emmaus song book and I was ready to go… to the kitchen where I learned the songs, learned how to play with others and was mentored in the art of worship.

Through the leadership of other musicians in the Emmaus Community, God has used me in wonderful ways; leading worship at my church and in Africa in 2015. I look forward to working with you all.


IHS Mike Waddingham - Music Coordinator