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One of the world’s fastest growing faith-journey retreats.

The Walk to Emmaus is ecumenical. This means it does not belong to any one Christian denomination.

The program invites and involves the participation of Christians of many denominations. Emmaus is ecumenical not only because members of many denominations participate, but because Emmaus seeks to foster Christian unity and to reinforce the whole Christian community. The is one of the great strengths and joys of the Emmaus movement.

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about sponsorship

Do you remember how much your Walk to Emmaus meant to you?

It would not have been possible without the prayer and sacrifice of your sponsor. The responsibilities of being a sponsor are many and crucial to the effectiveness of the experience.

You can share God’s love with someone you know by sponsoring him or her during an Emmaus weekend. The Sponsor’s first responsibility is to pray for discernment. Pray, pray and pray!

Pray and meet with your pilgrim: Pray for when to discuss the Walk with your potential pilgrim. Pray for God to guide you in the discussion. Pray for an openness of the potential pilgrim’s heart for the Walk to Emmaus. Ask God to give you calmness, assurance, and perseverance. If your pilgrim is married, meet with both partners to discuss the Walk to Emmaus. The design of the Emmaus movement is to affirm the sanctity of marriage and commitment of spouses to each other.

If you cannot think of someone, please reach out to team members that has not been able to work recent weekends and remind them of the dates for the upcoming Walks.

Give your potential pilgrim an application form. Explain everything on the form. Answer any questions that are raised.  

Christ is counting on you

Acts of Agape.
The “Emmaus Community,” made up of those who attended an Emmaus weekend, support the 72-hour experience with a prayer vigil, by preparing and serving meals, and other acts of love and self giving.
Small groups.
During and after the three days, Emmaus leaders encourage participants to meet regularly in small groups. Get connected: small groups offer a way to meet new people in your area or stage of life to study and grow together.
Serve Days at Trinity UMC.
Get connected and join us completing projects at Trinity: food pantry, clean-up, paint, flooring, remodel and many other projects. Body of Christ in action!
Celebrate Recovery®.
A Christ-Centered Recovery program for everyday hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the 12-step program and 8 recovery principles with worship, fellowship, testimonies and teachings.