A message from LD Alex,

De Colores Team E-189

First of all I want to thank GOD & everyone of you guys for making this walk amazing. This was an awesome weekend and the plans God had for us this weekend were successfully done. Again thank you everyone of you for serving God and the 16 pilgrims that came with a desire to know more about the love God gives us. I still feel great just as if I was still there and I’m also still tearing up because I miss the connection we all had when we praised God, and during the weekend I felt the blessings, change, the love, and I know you guys did too because we felt that God changed life’s. I would like to let you know that you guys will always be in my heart.


Your brother in Christ, Alex Zuniga (LD for E-189)

It was my pleasure serving you guys & the Lord. Amen

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