Do you remember how much your Walk to Emmaus meant to you? It would not have been possible without the prayer and sacrifice of your sponsor. The responsibilities of being a sponsor are many and crucial to the effectiveness of the experience:


  • Pray for Discernment
    • Is your candidate a Christian and attending church regularly?
    • Is your candidate a leader/potential leader in their church?
    • Is your candidate ready (not going through a major life issue)?
    • Pray for your candidate
  • Meet with your candidate and discuss what to expect
    • 16 talks, with table discussions – wear comfortable cloths
    • Sleeping arrangements
    • Good food
    • Awesome worship
  • Download Candidate application from website
    • The application form is on-line available and can be downloaded
    • Complete the sponsor side of application
    • Have candidate complete the candidate side
    • Read the entire form and sign
  • Collect required Agape for your candidate (get details from the Registrar)
  • Pick up your Candidate on Thursday of Walk and take them to the Walk.
  • Attend all Community events on the weekend (get details from the Registrar)


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