Our Pastor, Michele Ehrenberg, invited Felicity and I to attend an Emmaus weekend. Our schedules worked out and we were able to attend the set of Walks in June 2011. My daughter, Renata, was also able to attend the Women’s weekend with Felicity. It was cool that the timing worked for the three of us.

The weekend experience was amazing. I enjoyed the talks, worship time and the time with the rest of the guys.

The church campus in Pomona, with its courtyard, has a serene atmosphere. Whether in the chapel or sanctuary, or sharing a meal together in the dining room, I felt God’s presence and experienced His love.

The Walk to Emmaus ministry creates an “upper room” experience for me. I have grown as a person by serving, eating, celebrating Holy Community and worshiping together. I met new people and made new friendships. It is a blessing serving and being part of this ministry.

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Lionel Pieterse - Assistant Community Lay Director