I am blessed to serve our community as the Board Historian for the Southern California Walk to Emmaus.

My faith journey started 23 years ago at Trinity UMC (where we hold our Walks) when I attended a Kairos Outside #2 weekend as a guest.   I accepted Jesus as my savior that weekend. He’s been guiding my steps (with a few tugs in reverse over the years….ah…the gift of free will…) ever since.   I became part of the Emmaus Community in 1994 when I attended El Shaddai #10 and I returned to serve for the first time with So Cal Walk to Emmaus, here in Pomona, on E86…way back when!

My husband was in prison when I first attended my Walk to Emmaus…. I had been judged for that in the past, but here – I was embraced…loved and accepted.   When my hubby John came home in 1998, he too attended a Walk (E103), although times have difficult been (and will continue to be – we were never promised easy – am I right?) the love and support of our Emmaus “Family” is a gift from God whenever we need it most.

If you are considering to attend an Emmaus weekend, I encourage you to say Yes to the Holy Spirit!   Surrender your fears and enter in to His Courts with Thanksgiving!   You will be blessed beyond belief.

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Love Hope Hogan - Historian