I am humbled to have been chosen as this community’s next Community Lay Director.  And although there is something inside in me saying, “I am not worthy”, mixed with a bit of self doubt about being God’s spokesperson- I do know that God can accomplish great things through simple ordinary people.

This community has been blessed with many fine CLD’s in the past.  Yet, it is God working through them that benefited this community for 200 Walks now!  It is those CLD’s listening to and allowing Him to work that has benefited hundreds of local churches since our inception in 1981 as He builds up and edifies leaders for His church.  I ask for your prayers as I try to discern His voice over these next three years.

I Walked E-75 many years ago.  It was a time that was much easier for the workers and pilgrims to fully commit to God for our 72 hour Walk with Him.  Today cell phones and social media challenge many of us to let Him be our sole focus.

It is my hope and prayer that we as a community can get back to that simpler time.  Let us show our Father the love and respect He deserves!  Let us fully commit to Him these three days.     DeColores!


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Jim Baker - Community Lay Director