“Life changing!” Is that too tired a phrase to use? I hope not, because that is what my Emmaus Walk has been to me.

The purpose of Emmaus is to strengthen leaders in the local church. That is done by first renewing your relationship with the Risen Christ. In my case, I was already an active church member, but my Walk moved my understanding of God from my head to my heart. Believe me, that is a very important few inches for it to move!

Many folks attend an Emmaus Walk, then work on a Walk or two, and use their new-found understanding of God and His grace to become a better, more effective worker in the local church and elsewhere. Most pilgrims do not return to the Emmaus community after a few Walks, because God has elsewhere for them to serve, including their local churches.

But a few of us pilgrims are called to longer service within the Emmaus community. Such is the case of me and my wife. We have been blessed to remain very active in the So Cal Emmaus Community for over 24 years now, with no end in sight! While remaining very active in our local church, we understand the importance of the Emmaus community in changing people’s lives, and we want to continue to be a part of that. If the potential of a “life-changing event” doesn’t keep you away, I invite you to attend a So Cal Walk to Emmaus, and see what our Lord has in store for you!

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Jim Limpp - Communications Coordinator